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    April 10 - 12, 2019


    & Leadership Training Seminar




    The Texas Kingdom Summit is a gathering of Kingdom Citizens, Ambassadors, Diplomats
    & Embassaries from all disciplines Religion, Business, Government, Family, Media, Education, Entertainment, Empowerment and missions

    SUMMIT - A conference or meeting of chiefs of governments or other high officials, comprised of  the highest-levels of government;  especially : the diplomatic level of government, such as heads of State and leaders usually called together  to shape a program of action.



    The Kingdom Leadership Training Seminar is designed to gather together cutting edge leaders from all walks of life, who have and who are emerging in Kingdom ideology, philosophy and Culture. Furthermore, our mission is to gather people who desire to connect with others and to be a part of dialogue for the purpose of talking through transitional challenges, as well as communicating proven strategies, as well as aide each other in  implementing the best practices for developing a Kingdom Culture in every arena of life.  Our panel is comprised of unique cutting edge individuals of growing, influential organizations in the fields of, Church, Family, Government, Business, Education, Media, and the Arts and Entertainment. This years panel is made up Entrepreneurs, Business men and women, and various CEO's from throughout the Nation & World.



    The Texas Kingdom Coalition is a branch of the International Kingdom Coalition (IKC)

    IKC, founded by Dr. Darrell WIlson is a Fraternal Fellowship comprised of like vision individuals who are kingdom ambassadors with a mandate from various vocations and professions as categorized in 7 Mountains of society.

    1. Religion

    2. Family

    3. Education

    4. Government

    5. Media

    6. Arts

    7. Business


    We are organized for the purpose of leadership education, development and training of Kingdom Citizens.


    We exist to equip. acquaint, acclimate and assimilate individuals according to the Kingdom of God Paradigm, through the facilitation of fellowship meetings, gatherings, training seminars, conclaves, summits and conferences

    The International Kingdom Coalition Texas Region has a goal for Chapters in 10 Influential Texas Cities

    1. Dallas/ fort Worth

    2. Austin

    3. San Antonio

    4. Houston

    5. Corpus Christi

    6. Amarillo

    7. Wichita Falls

    8. Lubbock

    9. San Angelo

    10. Texarkana


    Hotel Accommodations

    Homewood Suites Dallas/Arlington South



    April 10, 2019

    Texas Kingdom Summit | Wednesday Evening | Session 1

    Kingdom Celebration Services | 7:30 PM NIGHTLY

    Dr. Darrell Wilson & Dr. Pepe Ramnath, Miramar, Florida

    Dr. Carlos Seise - Special Music, Grand Rapids, Michigan

    Dr. Pamela Hardy – Dance, Dallas Texas

    Free Admission to the Public|Registration Required

    April 11, 2019

    Texas Kingdom Summit | Thursday Morning Sessions

    Session 2

    Dr. J. C. Matthews, Dallas, Texas | 10am - 11am

    Session 3

    Dr. Dr. Von Peaks, Arlington, Texas | 11am - 12pm

    Session 4

    ​Dr.’s Stacy & Denae LeMay, Charlotte, North Carolina | 12pm - 1pm

    Free Admission to the Public|Registration Required

    April 11, 2019

    Texas Kingdom Summit | Thursday Evening Session

    Kingdom Celebration Services | 7:30 PM NIGHTLY

    Session 5

    Dr. Harry R. Jackson Jr., Beltsville, Maryland 

    Dr. Adlan Cruz – Special Music

    Free Admission to the Public|Registration Required

    April 12, 2019

    Texas Kingdom Summit | Friday Morning Sessions

    Session 6

    Dr. Rick Kendall, Stuart, Florida | 10am - 11am

    Session 7

    Dr. Darrell Wilson | 11am - 12pm

    Session 8

    ​Panel Discussion- “Identity, Destiny, Ascending Your Mountain and Deployment”, | 12pm - 1pm

    Dr. Darrell Wilson 

    Dr. J. C. Matthews

    Dr. Von Peaks

    Dr. Rick Kendall 

    Dr. Pepe Ramnath 

    Dr. Isaac Pitre 

    Free Admission to the Public|Registration Required

    April 12, 2019

    Texas Kingdom Summit | Friday Evening Sessions

    7:30pm - 7:45pm | Praise and Worship

    Session 9

    Dr. Isaac Pitre, Texarkana, Texas

    Free Admission to the Public|Registration Required

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    Dr. Darrell & Lady Njideka Wilson
    Conference Hosts | Fort Worth, TX.
    Pastor Isaac Pitre
    Texarkana, Texas
    Dr. Pepe Ramnath
    Miramar, Florida
    Dr. J.C. Matthews
    Dallas, Texas
    Dr. Harry Jackson
    Beltsville, Maryland
    Dr. Von Peaks
    Arlington, Texas
    Dr. Stacey LeMay
    Charlotte, North Carolina
    Dr. Pam Hardy
    Dallas, Texas
    Special Dance
    Dr. Rick Kendall
    Dr. Carlos Seise
    Grand Haven, Michigan
    Special Music


    Homewood Suites Dallas/Arlington South

    4550 Waxwing Drive

    Arlington, Texas 76018


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    Connect Church - Summit Location


    401 Southwest Plaza,

    Arlington, Texas 76016

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